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  • Has Jersey City Finally Fulfilled its Promise to Become the Sixth Borough?
    By Robert Rudin Vice Chairman – Director of Consulting There will always be something about Manhattan that makes it – well, Manhattan. Businesses continue to take pride in locating there, and for good reason. Over the past decades, however, a shift has developed that finds more and more businesses attracted to the... Read more »
  • Stat of the Week – Super Bowl Edition
    By Richard Persichetti Regional Director, Tri-State & Northeast Research For the second time in three years, the New England Patriots are back in the Super Bowl, and as a New York Jets fan…well, hopefully you can sympathize. Regardless, I will not let the team that has tormented me for most of my adult... Read more »
  • Loss Factor – Understanding What You Pay vs. What You Use
    By Aron Schreier Managing Director Recently I was working with an international client, a tenant whose lease was up for renewal. We received a proposal from the Landlord to renew their lease and the local and international executives were perplexed, because the square footage that they were paying for was different from... Read more »
  • One World Trade Center: Be Inspired
    One World Trade Center is the pinnacle of inspiration, the intersection of technology and imagination. It sets the bar for American ingenuity. The post One World Trade Center: Be Inspired appeared first on Cushman & Wakefield Blog.... Read more »
  • Food Halls in America Began with Todd English
    By Alan Napack Senior Director – Retail Service Group – Americas “Food Halls” has become quite the buzz word these days. So much so that we here at Cushman & Wakefield recently released a report examining the top food halls in America, and named New York City as Food Halls Capital of... Read more »
  • One World Trade Center and Food Halls: A Dynamic Duo
    By Tara Stacom Executive Vice Chairman of Office Leasing A trend has been building over the past several years, one that has changed the way in which office building owners attract tenants. As the millennial generation comprises an increasing percentage of the population – they make up the largest cohort in the... Read more »
  • New York: Food Hall Capital of the World
    In the latest edition of Cushman & Wakefield’s Cool Streets: Manhattan series, we look at the growing Food Halls trend in the United States, and why New York is the Food Hall Capital of the World. Download the full Food Halls of America report here. The post New York: Food Hall Capital... Read more »
  • The Unlikely Pioneers of New York’s Food Hall Scene
    By Gene Spiegelman Vice Chairman; Head of North America Retail Services One of the big topics of discussion in retail today is the emergence of food halls as the newest full-experience dining phenomenon. What began in Europe has now swept into the United States. Herein New York, it seems that a new... Read more »
  • President-Elect Trump and the New York CRE Market
    By Ken McCarthy Principal Economist, Applied Research Lead, Americas It’s been nearly four weeks since Donald Trump became President-Elect Trump. Like the so-called Brexit event of a few months ago, this election was both a shock to many, despite close polls, and a signal of a shift in the political winds. It has... Read more »
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