Cushman & Wakefield fully realizes the critical need for accurate and timely information in order to provide recommendations to our clients that are based on market realities. As such, we have made a company-wide commitment to systematically collect, organize, and analyze market data and other pertinent information.

Cushman & Wakefield has invested millions of dollars in proprietary real estate information systems and data-collection processes that ensure our professionals can provide their clients with the most accurate and timely information from which they can make sound real estate decisions. Our ability to truly add value comes from providing our clients with creative alternatives to their specific real estate requirements, many of them hidden from cursory market research techniques.

The New York Tri-State research team is comprised of 17 individuals with more than 130 years of real estate experience, all diligently working to provide the most detailed and relevant data to our brokerage professionals and clients.

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Research Reports